QuickDraw Overhead Bow Rack

Quick-Draw™ UTV Overhead Bow Rack SERIES

Patent #D687,247S


The QuickDraw Overhead Bow Rack is the perfect way to transport a bow on a utility vehicle. The Overhead Bow Rack holds your bow securely in the inside roof area of the UTV. It has two soft, cushioned cradles that prevent any disturbance to the bow’s settings. Also, for utility vehicles with covers on the top, the bow is totally protected from the elements.

Available in 7 models – the QD850OBR, QD851OBR, QD857 OBR-JEEP, QD858 OBR, QD860 OBR, QD861 OBR, QD862 OBR


  • DOUBLE BAR Bow Racks
    These 2 bow rack models mount overhead and install front to back using two bars
    QD850 OBR – 23-28” roll bar depth; - QD851 OBR – 28-35” roll bar depth


  • SINGLE BAR Bow Racks
    QD857 OBR – 42-48” roll bar width; (Jeep Wrangler; Pioneer 700)
    QD858 OBR – (Ranger 1000, Defender, Prowler Pro, Gator 835 M - profit roll cages fullsize)
    QD860 OBR –(Ranger 500/570 mid./pro fit cage midsized)
    QD861 OBR – 48-54” roll bar width (Teryx 800, Roxor, Sidekick)
    QD862 OBR – 54-60” roll car width (Mule FXT, ODES X2, X4, Pioneer 1000)


  • Unique mounting system that installs in just minutes without any drilling or bolting
  • Features super-soft foam holding cradles that provide easy access and secure transport
  • Installs on UTV’s with regular tops (Will not work on tops that prevents access to rear top frame)
  • Positioned high and forward to allow the quiver to stay installed---ready for action!




Made with pride in the USA!