QuickDraw Overhead Gun Racks

 Quick-Draw™ UTV Overhead Gun Racks

Patent #D687,247S

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Our QuickDraw Overhead Gun Racks are the perfect way to safely keep your firearms at your fingertips. Ready for action! Also, for utility vehicles with covers on the top, your firearms stay totally protected from the elements. Quick Draw Overhead Gun Racks hold two guns securely in the inside roof area of all popular brands of UTV’s. These racks feature super-soft rubber gun clips that provide easy access and secure transport. Our unique mounting system installs in just minutes without any drilling or bolting. Aircraft aluminum construction

Available in 9 models:

  • The QD850-OGR fits FRONT to BACK measurements of 23" - 28"
  • The QD851-OGR fits FRONT to BACK measurements of 28" - 35"
  • The QD852-OGR fits FRONT to BACK measurements of 9" - 9 3/4"
  • The QD853-OGR fits FRONT to BACK measurements of 35" - 42"
  • The QD854-OGR fits FRONT to BACK measurements of 10" - 15"
  • The QD855-OGR fits FRONT to BACK measurements of 15" - 23"
  • The QD858-OGR fits the Can AM Defender XT, Polaris Ranger 900 & 570 Full-size (for use with "D" shaped and/or Pro-Fit roll cages)
  • The QD859-OGR fits FRONT to BACK in CREW CAB UTV's measuring 27" - 33"
  • The QD860-OGR fits SIDE to SIDE measurements of 42"-45":  Polaris Ranger 570 Mid-size and the Polaris General 1000 (with "D" shaped roll cages)
  • The QD861-OGR fits SIDE to SIDE measurements of 48" - 54"
  • The QD862-OGR fits SIDE to SIDE measurements of 54" - 60"


NOTICE: The designs and dimensions of some brands and models of utility vehicles are constantly changing. The most accurate method of matching the correct QuickDraw Overhead Gun or Bow Rack with a particular brand, year and model is to measure the distance between the front and back horizontal frame bars (inside to inside). Note that some newer model Polaris Ranger UTV’s require a side to side measurement as can be seen with the QD858-OGR. 

When in doubt about fitting issues, call us at 866-649-1918 and ask for Customer Service.

Guns may extend out further than the roll cage on some smaller UTV’s.

WARNING:  Never transport a loaded gun in the Quick Draw Overhead Gun Rack! 


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These products are made with pride in the USA!





This kit converts certain models of the Quick Draw UTV Overhead Gun Racks to Quick Draw Overhead Case Racks. This conversion changes the rack from two guns to one gun.
The UTV Overhead Gun Racks that can be converted to UTV Overhead Case Racks include the following single bar UTV Overhead Gunrack Models: QD858 OGR; QD860 OGR; QD861 OGR; QD862 OGR; QD857 OGR. Click here for more information about our UTV Overhead Case Racks.