MLRR60: Now THAT is the type of ease I was expecting for the installation of the ATV rack!  Thank you so much for sending these instructions ahead of the shipment and letting me know about the first of 2 shipments. Please also send a Thank You to Rick for working through the issue with me as well.  I am totally impressed with fast and above and beyond Great Day Customer Service and am looking forward to receipt of the parts I need to install the Mighty Lite ATV rack.

I am also really impressed with the innovation of your products and am looking at what else I can buy for me or as gifts for my family. I will certainly recommend Great Day to others!

Your company, its customer service, and the pride you take in backing your products is a perfect example of the reason why we need to bring back Made in USA back to our great country!

Thank you again!

Have a great day, Great Day!



Jill G, Wauconda, IL,

















Quick Draw Overhead Gun Rack:

I recently purchased a Quick Draw Overhead Gun Rack. It arrived timely, was easy to install on my 2019 Mahindra Roxor and fit perfect. I absolutely love it. It is a great accessory for my Roxor which is physically almost identical to the old 1940s Willy's Jeep. Mahindra acquired the rights to the small Military Jeep shortly after WW2 and have been marketing the vehicle since then. Recently they have entered the US Market selling them as a Side By Side. Specs are similar if not almost identical to the old military Jeep however they power the Unit with a diesel engine. Attached are some pictures of my Roxor with the Rack installed and in use. I am 6"2" tall and the rack installed with guns in place allows enough head room to get in and out of the vehicle and drive without space interference. This is a great product and I recommend it for the Roxor. With the doors closed the guns are recessed within the roof space above the line of sight at the top of the windows from all sides of the vehicle. A shorter person might be able to see them without stooping however window reflection etc. makes the guns hard to see. Just point this out in that someone would actually have to be casing the vehicle to spot them if intending  to steal the guns. A great added incentive to purchase your product is that it is made in America with the quality of American made construction!!

Dean Berger,

HNGC-350:  “Customer service is the #1 factor I consider for anything I purchase and I have to give a shout-out to Great Day Inc!  So I bought their Hitch N Go wagon about two months ago and love the versatility and functionality.  Unfortunately we developed a flat tire that ended up with a cut in the sidewall and also managed to lose the handle stowage pin.  I contacted them and explained the situation, no questions asked they sent me replacement parts in 2 days!  That is customer service folks.  They don’t sell the system directly so we bought ours originally from Camping World but was very pleased they helped me out so well.  One modification we did make was we added a small zip tie to the lanyard for the lock pin to help ensure we don’t lose it again.”


I 100% endorse this product and get zero in compensation.

Daniel Small,

UVFR751:  "I recently purchased your front rack and so far I am extremely happy with it . I like the way it dresses up my machine and makes it look tough. Thanks for a great product!"

Josh Amundson,