Spando-Flage Gloves


Model #SF305 & SF306

America's Favorite Camo Gloves
Spando-Hands provide warmth, feel and camouflage. the rugged knit texture is thin enough for sensitive feel, yet thick enough to warm the chill of a frosty morning. Spando-Hands weigh less than an ounce and can be stored compactly so that an extra pair can be easily carried in a pocket. Model #305 Spando-Hands come with gripper dots and Model #306 do not have gripper dots. They come in all the popular Spando-Flage colors. Spando-Hands can and should be washed often to eliminate human scent. Washing does not cause shrinking or fading.

SpandoFlage Camo Gloves are available in the following patterns:

  • SF306AP - Realtree All Purpose
  • SF306GR - Woodlands Green
  • SF306MO - Mossy Oak

SpandoFlage Gripper Gloves are available in the following patterns: