Spando-Flage Tactical Pattern Face Masks & Gloves

Spando-Flage® Tactical Patterns

Model #s SF301BL, SF315BL, SF306BL, SF305BL

ACU (Army Camo Uniform) Digital Pattern

Spando-Flage headnets, facemasks and gloves have been popular for a long time in the military and hunting markets. Now, Spando-Flage is available in the ACU pattern to complement the thousands of ACU uniforms being worn by our service people. No form of camo accessories compares to the amazing Spando-Flage---check out these features:

  • Stretches to an unbelievable 10-to-1 ratio.
  • Cool in warm temperatures and toasty warm on chilly mornings.
  • Washable and always returns to original shape.
  • Perfect for preventing fogging when wearing glasses.
  • Provides total concealment---covers the most recognizable human aspects---the face and hands.

Spando-Hands Tactical Gloves
Model SF306 ACU

Spando-Hands provide warmth, feel and camouflage. The rugged knit texture is thin enough for sensitive feel, yet thick enough to warm the chill of a frosty morning. Spando-Hands weigh less than an ounce and can be stored so compactly that an extra pair can be easily carried in a pocket.

The Spando-Hands come in all the popular Spando-Flage® colors. Spando-Hands can and should be washed often to eliminate human scent. Washing does not cause shrinking or fading.

Tactical Swat Black

Black has always been one of the best colors for concealment because it blends well with shadows and dark places. It is especially effective in the dark of night. Our Spando-Flage tactical headnets, facemasks and gloves provide complete concealment instead of leaving the most critical, tell-tale parts uncovered---the face and hands!

Model #'s in SWAT Black

Allusion Headnet SF301B
Shortcut Facemask  SF315B 
Spando-Hands Gripper SF305B
Spando-Hands SF306B

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