QuickDraw Overhead Gun Rack for Jeep Wrangler

Quick-Draw™ Overhead Gun Rack

For Jeep Wrangler

Patent #D687,24S
Model QD857-OGR-JEEP

The Jeep Wrangler has always been one of America’s favorite hunting vehicles! Great Day just developed the perfect gun rack for the Wrangler—installs in seconds inside the front headliner—providing safe and protected transport. The QuickDraw holds two full-size guns (with or without scopes) in soft, foam-lined gun clips—held securely with handy Velcro straps.

The QuickDraw Gun Rack expands out from 42 to 48 inches and locks in place to the Wrangler’s side roll bars with Great Day’s patented “opposing force” installation system. The QuickDraw is constructed of aircraft aluminum, finished in black powder-coat enamel and weighs only 6 lbs. Ships by UPS.

* Never transport a loaded gun in the Quick Draw Overhead Gun Rack! *

Made with pride in the USA!

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Quick Draw Case Rack Conversion Kit



This kit converts the QD857-OGR-JEEP & QD857T OGR-JEEP Overhead Gun Racks
to the QD877-OCR Overhead Case Rack.
This conversion changes the rack from two guns to one gun case. Case Not Included)



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These OBCLIPS can be used to convert the Quick Draw Gun Rack for Jeeps QD857-OGR-JEEP, into the QD857-OBR-JEEP, Bow Rack for Jeeps.

OBCLIPS -Gun to Bow

OBCLIPS -Gun to Bow

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These SBClips can replace gun holders on any Great Day (single bar) Gun Rack or the SBClips can be used to convert the single bar Overhead Bow Rack or Case Rack into an Overhead Gun Rack.

Applicable conversion examples are:

Bow Rack to Gun Rack Conversions:

CL1503-OBR to CL1500
QD857-OBR-JEEP to QD857-OGR-Jeep

Case Rack to Gun Rack Conversions:

CL1501-OCR to CL1500
QD878-OCR to QD858-OGR
QD880-OCR to QD860-OGR




These TACTICAL CLIPS convert the Quick Draw Overhead Gun Rack, QD857-OGR-JEEP, into the QD857T-OGR-JEEP, Tactical Gun Rack.



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