Quick-Draw™ UTV Overhead Case Racks


Download Overhead Case Rack Fitment Chart

All the models of the UTV Overhead Gun Case Holders listed below use the patented Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack “opposing forces” installation system.  However, the cushioned holding clips are designed to hold ONE firearm enclosed in a soft case.  In some states and in Canada, firearms are required to be enclosed in a case when being transported. Be sure to check the laws in your area that apply to transporting firearms.

The best method of insuring proper fit of Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Case Racks is to measure the distance between the front and rear roll bars in the top of the UTV. 

The list of models below show corresponding measurements for ordering purposes.
  • QD870-OCR FRONT to BACK measures 23”-28”
  • QD871-OCR FRONT to BACK measures 28”-35”
  • QD872-OCR FRONT to BACK measures 9”-9 ¾”
  • QD873-OCR SIDE to SIDE measures 35”-42”
  • OD874-OCR FRONT to BACK measures 10”-15”
  • QD875-OCR FRONT to BACK measures 15”-23”
  • QD878-OCR Fits Polaris 900 and 570 Full-size Rangers
  • QD879-OCR FRONT to BACK CREW CAB measures 27" to 33"
  • QD880-OCR Fits Polaris 570 Mid-size Rangers 43" to 47"
  • QD881-OCR Fits SIDE to SIDE measures 48”-54”
  • QD882-OCR Fits SIDE to SIDE measures 54”-64”



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Note:  gun cases are not included


Warning---Never transport a loaded firearm in a Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Case Rack!


All these Great Day products are made with pride in the USA!