Sporting Clay’s UTV Gun Rack

Sporting Clays UTV Gun Rack

Model QD804SC

Shooting sporting clays is a great outdoors activity, but it requires an extraordinary amount of care in transporting firearms. Usually expensive, high-quality firearms are used and need protection from damage. Secondly, safety is of extreme importance---the firearms need to be positioned and handled to prevent accidents.

Great Day’s QD804SC UTV Gun Rack is designed to fit all popular utility vehicles that include cargo beds. It attaches securely to the sides of the cargo bed with use of lag screws or bolts positioning gun holders for two firearms on each side. The gun holders are strategically placed at an upward angle to prevent the firearms from being pointed at participants or bystanders.

This product is also ideal for outfitters for safely transporting clients and their firearms to hunting areas.

The QD804SC is framed in heavy-duty aircraft aluminum and includes cushioned gun clips that can be set at different heights and are moldable to conform to size of the firearms. Fits UTV bed widths of 36”-60”. The Sporting Clays Gun Rack weighs only 8 lbs and ships by UPS.

NOTE: The Polaris Lock & Ride plugs are NOT included with the QD804SC.
They must be purchased from Polaris 

Made With Pride in the USA!


Shown using the Polaris Lock & Ride System. Note that the Lock & Ride anchors are not included and if you prefer this method of application you must purchase them from Polaris.


The QD800 Clips can be used to replace the gun holders on the QD800, Vertical Gun Rack or on the QD804SC, Sporting Clays Gun Rack.

QD800 Clips

QD800 Clips

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