The Power-Ride Carriers Gun & Bow

UTV Power-Ride Racks

Power-Ride Gun Rack - Model UVPR900
Power-Ride Bow Rack - Model UVPR901


Power-Ride Gun Rack

Model UVPR900

When you head to the woods in your UTV, you want to use every inch of your space wisely - to make the most of leg room, passenger room and, especially, equipment storage room. The Power-Ride allows you to transport two firearms safely, securely and out of the way.

The Power-Ride Gun Rack mounts snugly at the back of the UTV cab and holds two guns in protective, super-soft cradles with Velcro retainer straps - safe and secure even in rough terrain rides.

The Power-Ride Gun Rack includes a unique mounting base that attaches to UTV frames measuring 50 inches to 64 inches wide and adjusts to fit all popular brands of UTV’s. With the turn of two wing-knobs, the Power-Ride can be installed or removed in seconds making it the most versatile, most convenient accessory ever! One minute you have a plain UTV - the next, you are ready for the hunt.

The Power-Ride is framed in super-strong aircraft aluminum and finished with tough, powder-coat paint for years of lasing, dependable service.


Power Ride Case Rack Conversion Kit

PRCRCK Power Ride Case Rack Conversion Kit Gun to Case

This kit converts the Power Ride Gun Rack, UVPR900, to a Power Ride Case Rack, UVPR905-CR. The conversion is from two guns to two gun cases. Cases NOT included.



Power-Ride Bow Rack

Model UVPR901

Safe and secure transport of a bow is one of the most important factors in insuring the successful outcome of a bow hunt. A bow is a relatively fragile piece of equipment - several bow accessories and components - the sight, the arrow rest, wheels, cams and cables could be damaged or, almost as bad, the setting be disturbed.

The Power-Ride Bow-Holder is the most practical and space-saving method possible to safely transport a bow in a UTV.

Mounts on a unique bracket that attaches to all UTV’s with cab frames measuring 50” to 64” wide---providing safe and secure transport of your bow. Tension loaded holding cradles grip the limbs of any compound or recurve bow firmly and totally prevent any other part of the bow from touching anything. At the end of the ride, your bow will be right and ready.

The Power-Ride UTV Gun Rack and Bow Holder Carrier fits all "little truck" type utility vehicles - Polaris Ranger, Kawasaki Mule, Yamaha Rhino, Arctic Cat, Kubota, Cub Cadet

UVPR901 Bow Rack

For mid-size UTV's or Carts, with 42"-53", round roll bar widths, see our CCPR770M/S (gun) and our CCPR771M/S (bow)

For smaller UTV’s or Carts, with 36”- 50” round roll bar widths, see our CCPR700 (gun) and our CCPR701 (bow).