We love the Power Loader and put it to use right away. Since we installed the Power loader on a Polaris Sportsman we had to
make a few modifications to make it fit. However I'm blessed with a Mechanically inclined son (Josh) who figured it out. We had the Power Loader installed for only two days when my Brother (Joe) Harvested a nice South Carolina 8 Pointer. We easily rolled the deer onto the loading platform, cinched him tight, lifted and drove the 3 miles back to camp.
After weighing the buck and pulling his jaw bone we remounted him onto the power loader which helps us lift the Buck into the back of Joe's Truck.
The Power Loader has repeated this process three so far for us this season.
Having a bad back the Power loader is allowing me to hunt when a hunting buddy is not available. In the past several years I've let many a nice deer walk because I could not manage loading him on to the four wheeler or back of my truck. The Power loader has resolved that problem.

David Strength 2019,