Model BS500

The brightest of standard headlights on trucks, jeeps, utility vehicles, 4-wheelers, tractors, riding mowers, etc. pale when compared to Great Day’s Brite-Spot. The Brite-Spot High Intensity Discharge Light technology literally defies the power and presence of darkness. Darkness being defined as the absence of light, the powerful 6000 lumen ray of light from the Brite-Spot projects a path of daylight-quality light for hundreds of yards—providing the safety and maneuvering conditions comparable to that of sunlight itself!

The Brite-Spot opens a whole new world of possibilities for off-road activities before or after sundown! With a single roof-mounted Brite-Spot on a utility vehicle, tractor or riding lawnmower, work or play goes on. Hunters arrive at your favorite spot long before sun-up and safely maneuver the trail out with the Brite-Spot destroying the darkness of night! Farmers, make hay when sun doesn’t shine—a Brite-Spot saves the day (actually the night) when a few late-night hours of work are needed to get ahead of an oncoming rain. Golfers, don’t allow mowing the yard ruin your Saturday morning round when some late-evening mowing with a Brite-Spot on your mower will put you back in the game!

The 8 inch, 12-volt Brite-Spot HID bulb is powered by the vehicle battery and uses only an amazing 3.5 amps—compared to the normal 15 amp drain of standard auto headlamps. The Brite-Spot water-tight housing is constructed of a super-tough composite and includes an additional protective shield that protects the front of the unit. It also comes complete with an aluminum shroud that provides protection to the unit against branches and foreign objects.

The Brite-Spot comes with a 10mm pivoting mounting base and directional handle—ideal for mounting to UTV’s, Trucks, Jeeps, tractors, lawnmowers, golf carts and boats. One Brite-Spot light on any vehicle is usually sufficient for most situations. However, a double mount of two Brite-Spot naturally will produce phenomenal results that would be suitable for emergency rescue, law enforcement and military uses. The Brite-Spot comes with a 90 day conditional warranty.