“Our dog absolutely loves this and we are constantly asked by other boaters where we purchased.”

Greg, Lavonda and Tucker 🐾 Williams

“We used our load a pup this past week at the lake. After showing our 8 month old lab how to use it a couple times it worked out perfect. I can’t imagine trying to get him into the boat any other way. He weighs almost 80 pounds already.

Thank you again for your quick response in sending out our missing part. I will definitely recommend this to our friends.”

Mike, Tammy and Wyatt 🐾 Helm


“Now THAT is the type of ease I was expecting for the installation of the ATV rack!  Thank you so much for sending these instructions ahead of the shipment and letting me know about the first of 2 shipments. Please also send a Thank You to Rick for working through the issue with me as well. I am totally impressed with fast and above and beyond Great Day Customer Service and am looking forward to receipt of the parts I need to install the Mighty Lite ATV rack. I am also really impressed with the innovation of your products and am looking at what else I can buy for me or as gifts for my family. I will certainly recommend Great Day to others! Your company, its customer service, and the pride you take in backing your products is a perfect example of the reason why we need to bring back Made in USA back to our great country! Thank you again! Have a great day, Great Day!”

Jill G, Wauconda, IL,


“Customer service is the #1 factor I consider for anything I purchase and I have to give a shout-out to Great Day Inc! So I bought their Hitch N Go wagon about two months ago and love the versatility and functionality.  Unfortunately we developed a flat tire that ended up with a cut in the sidewall and also managed to lose the handle stowage pin. I contacted them and explained the situation, no questions asked they sent me replacement parts in 2 days!  That is customer service folks.  They don’t sell the system directly so we bought ours originally from Camping World but was very pleased they helped me out so well.  One modification we did make was we added a small zip tie to the lanyard for the lock pin to help ensure we don’t lose it again.”

I 100% endorse this product and get zero in compensation.

Daniel Small,


“I wanted to say thank you for the great product in the lawn mower hitch I bought.  Well made in THE USA, good price, designed well. Installed in 30 minutes and worked great.

Just wanted to say keep up the great work.”

J Ramsey,


“I recently purchased your front rack and so far I am extremely happy with it . I like the way it dresses up my machine and makes it look tough.

Thanks for a great product!”

Josh Amundson,



“I believe that many years of service will be provided from these racks. They are well designed and built with excellent materials, only equaled by your customer service. So refreshing to see MADE IN USA. Something to be proud of and always looked to up this way as QUALITY!”

Kevin Gregory,


“I just wanted to share a pic of my power loader at work. I got to load my deer that I got Saturday morning. The whole system works really great. Thanks again for great service I got from your company.”



Garland Jones,


“I installed Great Day’s PowerLoader on my 2010 Kawasaki 750 Sport a year ago.
I have used it to load and transport tons of deer corn to the feeder, carry out a 300# hog, a 250# mule deer, and now, my first Auodad ram.

I could not have moved any of these animals back to the ranch without your PowerLoader. A fantastic device—you did a super job of building this great product!  Anyone who has an off-road vehicle should seriously consider the PowerLoader.”

Don Wooten,


“I just wanted to take a moment to commend you and your whole team for a job well done and for a excellent product. I recently purchased your Mighty Lite ATV rear rack from Cabelas after researching and reviewing many similar products. First I’d like to say I was impressed with how fast the shipping was. Secondly I’d like to thank you for a excellent product. From the design to the quality and workmanship I was very impressed. I look forward to using your product and am confident I will have many years of good service from it. By the way I will be ordering the front rack also. Once again I’d like to say thank you and I hope you share this email with your entire team. Keep up the good work.”

Bennie Ramos,


“My son in law Darrell Sanders took this Georgia buck and the power loader was a God send, never leave home without it. I am 66 years old and your biggest fan.”


Pat Brown,


“We love the Power Loader and put it to use right away. Since we installed the Power loader on a Polaris Sportsman we had to
make a few modifications to make it fit.

However I’m blessed with a Mechanically inclined son (Josh) who figured it out. We had the Power Loader installed for only two days when my Brother (Joe) Harvested a nice South Carolina 8 Pointer. We easily rolled the deer onto the loading platform, cinched him tight, lifted and drove the 3 miles back to camp.
After weighing the buck and pulling his jaw bone we remounted him onto the power loader which helps us lift the Buck into the back of Joe’s Truck. The Power Loader has repeated this process three so far for us this season.
Having a bad back the Power loader is allowing me to hunt when a hunting buddy is not available. In the past several years I’ve let many a nice deer walk because I could not manage loading him on to the four wheeler or back of my truck. The Power loader has resolved that problem.”

David Strength 2019,


“I have one installed on my Cub Cadet works awesome! Nice job Great Day.”

Scott Henry, Vice President of Sales at Symtec, Inc, Minnesota, 2017


“I just purchased your High Hitch attachment, LNPHH650, from Amazon. I just had to say, what a fantastic product!!!! I have a tight laneway and was unable to move my boat into the back yard without tearing up the lawn; enter your product !!!! I attached it to my riding mower and boom. In it goes no fuss no muss. The product was easy to install. Already had holes and didn’t need to drill anything. Literally a 5 min installation. And off to the races !!!! Thanks again for making such a well built product and for saving my back and lawn when moving my boat.”

Roland Stegner, November 2016,


“Paul good morning, I wanted say thank you for your education on Atv & Utv loaders last week, when you returned my call. This week I purchased your loader instead of the Swivelift loader. I want to also let you know about one of your employees that help to make sure that I would receive it before early muzzle loader season here in Va.(Oct 31). I only know her by Amanda. Cabela’s said it would be 2-3 weeks delivery date. So I call your company once again and she was the one I was referred to, she was great ( customer service is a dying breed). As I had told you that I had back surgery and needed a way to lift deer or bear on to my Atv or Utv. She made that possible by getting it out of your facility the same day that Cabela’s sent the order to your company. Thank you and you company for making my outdoors activity possible.”

Thomas Poole, October 21, 2015,


“Recently I purchased your Lawn Pro Lawn Mower Hi-Hitch and I couldn’t be more satisfied or happy with the purchase.  I’m 72 years old and I have a 5 x 8 trailer that I’ve been struggling with for years.  The grass grows up around the trailer wheels and it’s always been a hassle to get my Honda CRT with a hitch close enough to the trailer so that I can physically get it attached.  Your Hi-Hitch has solved my problems.  I can easily get my lawn tractor close enough to the trailer so that I can hook it up.  It works perfectly.  I had a little trouble attaching the two side support arms from the Hi-Hitch to the John Deere but it was caused by the tight shrouding of the tractor which leaves little room to hold the bolts as you tighten them.  However, I was persistent and finally got it tightened.”

David Pugh, June 14, 2015-Bryan, Texas

“I have been using Great Day Inc. products for over 8 years and have always had great success with their products.  They are user friendly and hold up to the rigors of tough hunting.” 

Chad Schearer, Television Host, Writer, Editor, Outfitter and Guide


“I used the PowerLoader successfully to retrieve my 300 lb. self-guided Minnesota Black Bear that I harvested last evening. I really believe that the PowerLoader is a revolutionary tool for solo hunters and I will be writing about it in the magazine.”

Gary Gustafson, Hunting Vehicles Editor / Bear Hunting Magazine


“The old days of physically dragging a deer or bear out of the woods is over for this bowhunter. The PowerLoader has taken the exertion out of the extraction process. Now I can single handedly retrieve my trophy with minor effort, utilizing the POWER LOADER. Easy to install and operate, the PowerLoader by Great Day Inc is a “must have” accessory for any serious outdoorsman. I won’t go bow hunting without it..”

Tom Nelson, Host/The American Archer TV Show