Overhead Gun Rack For Tactical Weapons
Model CL1502T
Model CL1502TJ–Fits Jeep Wranglers

The Center-Lok Model CL1502T Overhead Gun Rack is designed to transport tactical-styled firearms in FULL-SIZE CREW CAB PICKUPS WITH CENTER DOORPOSTS. With Great Day’s patented “Opposing Forces” installation system, the Center-Lok Gun Rack can be installed or removed in an amazing two minutes! No drilling, no bolts or screws required.

The Center-Lok is designed specifically to accommodate the unusual shape of tactical weapons. The weapons are positioned snuggly against the truck’s headliner in cushioned, moldable cradles—out of sight of passers-by. Instant access to the weapons is as easy as pulling two Velcro tabs.

* Never transport a loaded gun in the Center-Lok Overhead Gun Rack! *

Made with pride in the USA!