Paul good morning, I wanted say thank you for your education on Atv & Utv loaders last week, when you returned my call. This week I purchased your loader instead of the Swivelift loader. I want to also let you know about one of your employees that help to make sure that I would receive it before early muzzle loader season here in Va.(Oct 31). I only know her by Amanda. Cabela’s said it would be 2-3 weeks delivery date. So I call your company once again and she was the one I was referred to, she was great ( customer service is a dying breed). As I had told you that I had back surgery and needed a way to lift deer or bear on to my Atv or Utv. She made that possible by getting it out of your facility the same day that Cabela’s sent the order to your company. Thank you and you company for making my outdoors activity possible.

Thomas Poole, October 21, 2015,

Recently I purchased your Lawn Pro Lawn Mower Hi-Hitch and I couldn't be more satisfied or happy with the purchase.  I'm 72 years old and I have a 5 x 8 trailer that I've been struggling with for years.  The grass grows up around the trailer wheels and it's always been a hassle to get my Honda CRT with a hitch close enough to the trailer so that I can physically get it attached.  Your Hi-Hitch has solved my problems.  I can easily get my lawn tractor close enough to the trailer so that I can hook it up.  It works perfectly.  I had a little trouble attaching the two side support arms from the Hi-Hitch to the John Deere but it was caused by the tight shrouding of the tractor which leaves little room to hold the bolts as you tighten them.  However, I was persistent and finally got it tightened.

David Pugh, June 14, 2015-Bryan, Texas

"If an animal smells you the game is over.  I have used Windfloaters from the Arctic to Africa and all over the United States.  There is no better wind detection product on the market.  If there was I would use it.  Windfloaters not only let me know what my wind is where I am standing but they show me how the thermals are working and how much I can push the envelope when calling game in."

Chad Schearer World Champion Elk Caller Outfitter & Guide,

“I would like to recommend the Great Day Power Ride Bow Carrier. It was a breeze to install and remove, and works great for carrying. Thanks for a Quality well built product.”

Todd Davis Fernwood Farms Outfitters Wintersville, Ohio,