HNGC-350:  “Customer service is the #1 factor I consider for anything I purchase and I have to give a shout-out to Great Day Inc!  So I bought their Hitch N Go wagon about two months ago and love the versatility and functionality.  Unfortunately we developed a flat tire that ended up with a cut in the sidewall and also managed to lose the handle stowage pin.  I contacted them and explained the situation, no questions asked they sent me replacement parts in 2 days!  That is customer service folks.  They don’t sell the system directly so we bought ours originally from Camping World but was very pleased they helped me out so well.  One modification we did make was we added a small zip tie to the lanyard for the lock pin to help ensure we don’t lose it again.”


I 100% endorse this product and get zero in compensation.

Daniel Small,

UVFR751:  "I recently purchased your front rack and so far I am extremely happy with it . I like the way it dresses up my machine and makes it look tough. Thanks for a great product!"

Josh Amundson,

MLFR50/MLFR60:  "I believe that many years of service will be provided from these racks. They are well designed and built with excellent materials, only equaled by your customer service.

So refreshing to see MADE IN USA. Something to be proud of and always looked to up this way as QUALITY!"


Kevin Gregory,

PL250:  "I just wanted to share a pic of my power loader at work.  I got to load my deer that I got Saturday morning. The whole system works really great. Thanks again for great service I got from your company."


Garland Jones,